Principal Support Systems - BLOGGING!!!

Now that I have my life back in order, thanks to GTD, I have been feverishly reading blogs. I guess I forgot to keep up with my own. I just get so intrigued with others. I want to comment on everyone but then I get headed off in another direction with a link in someone's blog! Vicious, but fun cycle.

As the school year winds down (only 13 more days for us) I look forward to the professional development that blogging has lead me to. Yes I worry about how I will sound when I blog but I don't really worry that blogging will get me into any sort of trouble. I have so much to explore this summer and share with my teachers.

I have read lately about schools, teachers, administrators deleting blogs for fear of "it coming back to 'bite' them" so to speak. I hope we aren't saying anything that isn't okay for all eyes and ears and we know that when we get into this. Yes, I have days when I shouldn't speak let alone blog therefore I just don't do either on those days! :):):)

We are human too! Principals need support and ideas as much as teachers do. Unfortunately we are the only person in our "grade level" at our respective buildings and have to rely on other busy principals for help and advice. Blogging has been a great way for me to "get to know" other principals and profit from their wisdom in my professional career. Even if I have not met Glenn Malone or Chris Lehmann their blogging has been a support for me. I have spoken with both briefly and know that they would help me in the drop of a hat.

Can you hear us all now, "My name is Melinda Miller and I am a blogger!"

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  1. We're blogging buddies and yes I've got your back...and I know you have mine too!