Missouri Principal's Conference - Hot Spot

Okay all my friend bloggers out there, I need your help. I have suggested that we have a "Hot Spot" room at our state principal's conference next year. The motivation behind this comes from wanting to get more Principals blogging. It has been incredible PD for me that I would love for others to benefit from. My idea stems from the EduBloggerCon and the Internet Cafe type environment from the National Conference. I was unable to attend the conference but really enjoyed watching all the events 'virtually' in the blogs and pics etc.

I am not one who would shy away from taking a risk. I am happy to just jump in and see how it goes. But I want the participants to benefit from it so I need to think through the pro, cons, and possible glitches.

$100 to make one of the conference rooms wireless for the day
Want to schedule some "Hot Spot" times to just check email, surf the net, and or socialize
Host a Blogging workshop, RSS workshop, and other ideas????

Here is where I need your help! What am I forgetting or overlooking? Of course I will take my Tech Director, Janetta to back me up, but what else? The suggestion was made for me to do the same workshop 3 times rather than give 3 choices. More people could benefit. If we did 3 different workshops the same people may stay the whole day.

Help please? Wide open for suggestions!