Getting Things Done

As I reflect on one of my most challenging weeks in my professional career, I have vowed not to revisit weeks like last week. You know what I am talking about...........mad parents, car accidents in the parking lot, bus write-ups, visits from school bored :) members, inside recess for days, etc. Principals can understand me.

After spending what little free time I had this weekend catching up on my favorite blogs, I came accross some "chatter" about the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. This peaked my interest as I frantically tried to find out more about this. By the end of the evening Saturday night I had the book in my hands and by Sunday morning I ordered the Levenger Letter sized notebook. This sounds just like what I have been looking for and hopefully will not be just another organizational system that I dicard for something new in a few months.

I am so excited to get started I can hardly stand it. What I am hoping is that some of you out there will share your GTD journey with me or point me in the direction of some great ideas. As much as I would love to follow the GTD rules to the "T" I just have to start somewhere. This morning I began filling my "in box." Unfortunately it is state testing time and I am not going to be able to spend the 2 full days on this process. I have not liked my current organizer for a long time now so I have gone back to my clipboard and using Outlook templates. Much better for me and I think this will fit in nicely with my new Circa Notebook. I came across a great site DIYPlanner that has some great templates I would like to try as well.

If anyone wants to go through this process with me please comment and we will keep in touch. My office pile were becoming mountains and my life was getting out of control. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. For those of you already living my the GTD rules you may know something I don't know but I will find some way to master these tools and become organized again!!!