The Excitement is Contagious!

As I look back at my first post, March 30, I have to laugh at how much I have learned since then. I thought I was a blogging pioneer. I have been pleasantly surprised that the trail has been blazed before me! Thank you Bob, Janetta, and Glenn for getting me off on the right foot! These people have an amazing presence in the blogosphere. Once I figured out Bloglines, Google reader, rss, subscribing, commenting I have been crazy trying to collect as many blogs as I can find. I consider myself an explorer, the "Christopher Columbus" of the blogging world! :) I stand in awe of all of you flikring ellimunators!

(Disclaimer - I am playing around my "presentation" so don't be alarmed if my blog is a little "off" sometimes. :))

Just like teachers and children, when administrators get excited about something they can run with it. I try not to embarrass my "expert" friends by opening and closing chat room doors. :) (Janetta and I got in on a WOW 2.0 live webcast Tuesday night for the first time!) but I can't worry about that, I have to jump in with both feet. For those of you who are ahead of me blazing trails, I'm coming and will eventually catch up, or not. It doesn't really matter as long as I share the excitement with others. You have to start somewhere!!

Tune in someday in my blogging journey for state testing ideas. Great ideas from Peptechtalk tonight on our Skype chat!

Back to exploring!

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