Planning Your AFTER School Time

Get "Evening Planning" here
After school planning is almost more important than planning for the day. After school is family time. How do you plan for your "big rocks," the things most important to you? 
This summer our admin team went through The Leader In Me training. Almost all of our elementary schools are becoming Leader In Me schools. My personal goal is to do a better job planning my time after school. I used to only write down "softball practice." The rest of the evening would be wasted around softball practice. Now I know what I can get done around softball practice.
This has also organized my social media time so I am not online when I should be present with my kids. I have scheduled my social media time.

Whew! Surviving Back-to-School (7 min. video)

Productivity tip and getting ready for BTS! Teachers and students have been back in school for a week and two days! Let me just tell you that nothing other than survival gets done for about the first 2-3 weeks of BTS prep! My kids get drive-thru, we eat on paper plates, dishes may or may not get washed every day, laundry is in piles, you know what I mean! SURVIVAL!!!

There is a lot more behind the scenes than what's in this video but it's a start. Every year I don't do half the things I want to do for back to school. Big shout out to all the #momsasprincipals who share ideas and support each other during this stressful time. If not for them I'm not sure how we would all survive!

Celebrating Others! - @8Amber8 #askadmin Series

I highly recommend that you follow my good friend and conference roomie Amber Teamann from the blog Technically Teamann. Most notably known as @8Amber8 in our social media circles. She shares phenomenal ideas for school principal/administrators. I. Love. Her!! (But not in a creepy way. You know what I mean.)

This summer she organized many of her principal friends, including me(Yay!) to answer a set of questions applicable to building leadership. It has been amazing to read all the answers! What a powerful way for principals to learn....from each other!
Of course I was paired up superhero principal Matt Arend. Geez! I should have just typed,"What he said!" and left it at that. He is such a servant leader. Check out Q #10 below. That's us!

Check out these awesome answers...

Q1: What is your go to strategy for team building?

Q2: What is something you do EVERY year, without fail?

Q3: What is something you wished you knew as a first year administrator?

Q4: What has gotten easier through the years? Harder?

Q5: Where do I even start to build a culture of innovation?

Q6: How do I become the instructional leader?

Q7: How does the leader model RISK TAKING?

Q8: What are you reading to GROW as a leader?

Q9: How do you know who to hire?

Q10: As the leader, what are you MOST proud of at your school? 

Celebrating others is something I truly want to work on this year. There can be too much negative in life and in education. Believe me, I fall into the "poor me" seasons. If I can be intentional and have some measurable goals maybe I can be that positive influence I wish I had in the classroom and as a beginning principal.

How do you celebrate others?

Principal Randomness - Camera, Driving & Updates (5 min. video)

It's been a while since I uploaded a video or did a blog post. So let me clear that up. On June 9th my dad was killed in a motorcycle accident and my mother was injured very badly. Pretty much the month of June is a blur. (Sorry summer school teachers. I do remember our selfie contests though:) 

There were only3 weeks in July that I could get all my summer projects done before going back to work. It was also the month of the principal's conference...which was amazing!!! That whole story deserves it's own post if I ever get to that.

New camera - right before my dad passed away I got a new camera. The teachers I watch on Instagram and YouTube had fancy cameras. Their videos are so much better than mine. So here I am trying to figure out my camera driving around. (I do not recommend that. BTW.)

Student #Summerselfie BINGO - Mystery Spaces Included

Piggy-backing off our original PD BINGO and Matt Arrend's #Summerselfie BINGO for his staff, I decided we need to include our summer school teachers! This BINGO can be completed with students doing all the things we do in summer school. Teachers can share via Twitter or Facebook.
I was beginning to stress out over coming up with 24 activities. Then it dawned on me this summer school group of teachers is super creative. Probably a little over competitive too. You will notice that I left some of the spaces empty for them the choose their own selfie that is not listed. I guess I am going to need to come up with some guidelines so they don't get completely out of control! :):):)
Download a copy here!